my grandmother has been paying on a life insurance policy for over 7 years and the amount was only $3000.00. so we decided to take a reduced payment to not keep throwing money away.So to do that we had to fax a cancellation letter to the company .So i fax the letter in before a payment was supposed to be taken out of my grandmothers account, and this company still took a payment out.

I tried to get my grandmothers payment back and they said "NO" because you did not fax the letter in by 12pm WE CANNOT REFUND YOUR GRANDMA HER MONEY". I found this very unprofessional for the simple fact my grand mother has been paying this company way more than what the policy is worth for more than 7 years.

WOW! How inconsiderate can you guys be to an elderly customer who have gave you guys more than $7500.00 in premium payments.

Product or Service Mentioned: Senior Life Insurance Life Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Anniston, Alabama, United States #1314609

A sucker is born every minute! They're out to make money, and the dumber the person, the more money is made!


You really need to report the Company to the Federal Trade Commissioner, State Ins Commissioner, and the Attorney General as soon as possible. Until Federal and State complaints are submitted by consumers this will continue.

We are in a country with freedom of speech, spread your story everyday so other consumers can stay far away from that Insurance Company. Please share your story.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1206304

Not the time. By law have to go by the date.

El Monte, California, United States #1192646

They are in business to make money. The law protects the company, the contract binds the buyer.

As always no heart, buyer beware.

I'm glad I read all the postings, thus, no sale here. Thanks for posting your experience.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1178788

Wow I'm asi sorry to hear that and it's sad that a company like this has its doors still open to keep scamming the elderly. I was offered a job with them but after reviewing you comments and others like yours and even worse I can't consider even fathom to work for a company like this.


I find this posting very interesting. If the policy owner had the policy for 7 years and had paid $7500, that means she was paying about $90/month on a $3000 policy.

No insurance company has those kind of rates and no state insurance commissioner would allow those rates. As for the payment, there are very strict banking rules set by the federal government that must be followed to the letter by any business. If they do not have written documentation by a certain time then the automatic premium must be processed. That isn't company policy, it is federal law.

I think this is a disgruntled person making an unfounded claim. I have never heard of this company before today but I have been an insurance agent for more than 10 years and the claims made here are impossible.

Tampa, Florida, United States #880689

A reprentative named Gem Goktepe came to my home and said he had came out before and signed me up for another life insurance policy, I canceled the policy awhile back, this man I had never seen in my life, he was very very pushy when I was saying No, its was scarey because of all the fraud and murders happening. Beware of this kind of things

to neicey #989605

Gem is one of the best reps in the country. Very passionate about helping people.


You need to report this to the Insurance Commission office that oversees this company. That is a shame and disgrace taking advantage of old people.

Georgia, United States #857207

RUN!! Unprofessional agents & staff will give run around, over & over!!

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